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DRY, a,k.a., Don't Repeat Yourself. Why waste your time doing the same task over and over?

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Client Status Report

  • Send client status (aka, burn) reports automatically.
  • Report includes budget used in both hours and dollars.
  • Ability to limit report to include select projects (optional.)
  • Custom set of template variables that is specific to this task.
Discussions feature

Automatic Invoicing

  • Automatically create and submit invoices at your desired project schedule.
  • Invoices are delivered in PDF format and also via a unique invoice URL (if enabled).
  • Fully customize the email delivered with all invoicing options and template variables specific tot his task.
  • Group multiple projects together for invoicing or limit the invoicing to a specific project.
Timesheets feature

Discussion Magic

  • Create new discussions at a set schedule.
  • Hands off creation of frequent discussion posts for things like status updates or weekly check-ins.
  • Full ability to customize discussions for privacy, project, employee, team and/or guest access.
  • Use custom template variables to personalize each discussion created.
Discussions feature

Time Log Activity

  • Deliver detailed time logs at intervals you configure.
  • Automatically email your clients a CSV report that displays where their budget is being spent.
  • Report includes employee, role, dates, time spent, and task comments for full transparency.
Timesheets feature


  • Support for an array of intervals.
  • Group tasks for multiple clients and/or projects or limit it to a single one.
  • Schedule when the task should start and end. Or let it run forever until you manually disable it.
  • Option to skip weekend runs (don't worry, it will run the following Monday).
Timesheets feature

Everything else

  • @Mention team members for discussion notifications.
  • Custom rates per employee, client, project and/or role.
  • Quick email broadcast to all active employees.
  • Teams! Organize your employees and contractors into specific teams for quick reference.
  • Daily digest of activity within your organization delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Bookmark (save) important discussions for quick and easy reference.
  • Organization wide status report to get a bird's-eye view of the status and activity logged during a given time period.
  • Custom referral links to share with your friends and receive credits toward your own account.
  • Support for project level expenses that can be attached to client invoices.
  • Give clients guest access to see project status and discussions in real time.

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  • Company wide accountability.
  • Easy time tracking and approvals.
  • Invoice clients and get paid faster.
  • Centralized file storage, wiki, discussions.
  • Full reporting on company and project budgeting.
  • Completely automate your tedious tasks.