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Easily organize and track your time spent based on client, project, role and billing status. The built-in timer seamlessly integrates into your timesheets to make it even easier on you. Oh, and if timesheets aren’t your thing? No worries, just switch to the timelog format and you can log time specifically for each task completed.


  • Timesheets are shown in a full week view.
  • Support for multiple projects and roles in a single timesheet.
  • Keep time separated by roles performed, even if it’s in the same project.
  • Ability to edit past timesheets when necessary (with admin approval).
  • Timesheet approval workflow (optional).
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Approval Workflow

  • Timesheet approval by admins and/or individual project managers.
  • Timesheet approval displays cost to client, cost to your Organization and profit for Organization for each projects weekly row (admin only).
  • Project managers can only see and approve timesheet items for projects that they are specifically granted permission for.
  • Timesheet approval is optional. You are free to disable this at any time in your organization settings.
Timesheets feature

Time logs and Timers

  • Ability to track time using individual task logs.
  • Useful timer feature to make it easy to start/stop time spent on a specific task, then quickly log that time.
  • Timer can be left running in the background so it's not interfering with your daily workflow.
  • Timer can be controlled from the website, browser extensions, or the API (coming soon!)
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  • All time tracking methods support day or task comments for reference.
  • All time tracking methods support numerical (i.e. 1.5) or natural time (i.e. 1h 30m) formats.
  • Invoices can be generated automatically based solely on approved time.
  • Employees can view their time history anytime they'd like.
  • Admins can see all time history for every employee in the Organization.
Timesheets feature

Everything else

  • @Mention team members for discussion notifications.
  • Custom rates per employee, client, project and/or role.
  • Quick email broadcast to all active employees.
  • Teams! Organize your employees and contractors into specific teams for quick reference.
  • Daily digest of activity within your organization delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Bookmark (save) important discussions for quick and easy reference.
  • Organization wide status report to get a bird's-eye view of the status and activity logged during a given time period.
  • Custom referral links to share with your friends and receive credits toward your own account.
  • Support for project level expenses that can be attached to client invoices.
  • Give clients guest access to see project status and discussions in real time.

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  • Company wide accountability.
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