AnyHow Version 1.3.3 Release Notes

June 30, 2020 • Peter Sanchez • Updates

Last night we launched the latest version of AnyHow (version 1.3.3) and with it comes some very sought after features. Security, convenience, financial and general improvements are all covered in this release.

Here are some of the things that were released since our last announcement.


These are some of the bigger features or changes we've rolled out.

Two-Factor Authentication

We, like our users, run our entire business from AnyHow. There are lots of internal documents, private discussions, client information, etc. stored in each AnyHow organization. Account security is obviously very important.

We've completed support for two-factor authentication (2FA). You can now secure your account with 2FA and use any external app you'd like to protect your account. Most common are Google Authenticator or Authy. You can see a larger list of apps on the official documentation page.

Along with traditional 2FA support we've also included emergency backup codes for situations when you lose your device or don't have access to your device when logging in. You're given 10 unique codes when setting up 2FA and can reset them any time. Each code can only be used once. Again, there is more details on this in the documentation.


As the data in your organization grows it becomes more difficult to find important discussions, files or wiki documents. Well, not any longer. Included in this update is full search capabilities. Just click the magnifying glass icon in the top menu and search to your hearts content.

For those geeks (like us) who enjoy technical write-ups, we wrote up a general example of how we accomplished our search backend using with tech stack of Django and PostgreSQL.

Invoice Payment Fee's

In some cases organizations will want to collect an additional fee for invoice payments being made online. This is usually to cover the cost of the actual credit card, or Paypal, transaction. Now you can configure your organization to collect a percentage on top of the invoice amount.

Simply head to your Organization Settings page, Invoice Payments tab, you must have online payments enabled, and set the Invoice Payment Fee Percentage. It defaults to 0% but simply set the value to what you need. For example, 3.50% is a fairly standard fee but of course, your organization needs will vary.

Read Receipts For Discussions

No more wondering if there's a new update on a particular discussion (or checking your email for a notification). Now you will see if a post is new or has been updated since you last read it.

You don't need to do anything. When a new discussion is added or an update/reply to an existing discussion is made, you'll see a new label in the discussions listings letting you know there's something you may want to read.


Here is a quick run down of some of the minor changes we've made that you may notice.

  • General UI improvements
  • Wiki listing will now let the viewing user know if they have permission to view a listed article.
  • Speed improvements on some pages with heavy data fetching or charting.
  • Slight re-arranging to the manage menus to make things more organized and easier to find.
  • Made it more user friendly when manually creating an invoice. No more multiple clicks needed.


Here is a list of the bugs we've fixed. We didn't list all of them because most you wouldn't have noticed or they may be very technical and explaining them here wouldn't make a lot of sense.

  • Fixed bug allowing project deletion with active invoices.
  • On a few screens we had a bug where project role filtering wasn't working as expected. Those are now resolved.

Wrapping Up

We have a long road map for AnyHow and we will continue to improve it and roll out new features as fast as we can.

As always if you have any issues please or requests just head to the support page and let us know. We're here to help.

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